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From AJ Unity (feat.Ryoma). NEW Album “J” Listen album : Film Production : Black Frog London ヴァイオリン:竜馬四重奏 竜馬 ◆リリース情報 /releases information  ダウンロード→,4.html ▼プロフィール: ▼Official Wen Japanese ▼Official Web English: ▼Facebook: ▼Twitter ▼東京オリンピックプロジェクト Bridge Together Project: ▼Instagram: AJ Unity are Naomi Suzuki, Philipp M Moll AJ UNITY CLIMBED TO #14* ON US RADIO CHART WITH THEIR DREAMY DEBUT SINGLE ‘JUPITER’ The track also spent several weeks at #1 on the Top 20 chart of Kings of Spins - a popular tastemaker website that tracks and markets dance, urban, rock, acid jazz and other related genres. AJ UNITY are back, this time with one of Japan’s best kept secrets, violinst Ryoma. Their haunting music is a unique blend of Japanese traditional music and Western pop music. Traditional Japanese instruments complete this innovative and magical set piece. AJ Unity aim to think outside the box, to freely express important aspects of being human, such as strength and showing kindness towards others. KAGUYA-AJ is remixed by AJ Unity, originally Ryoma quartet track. Naomi Suzuki is one of the best known Japanese singers in the UK, lending her unique oriental vocal talents to this special performance. RYOMA is very talented and has high potential Japanese Violinist. Austrian newcomer Philipp Moll, Naomi’s long term collaborator, is AJ UNITYs other half. The two met in Central London and hit it off right away when they first worked on Naomi’s solo project. Now the two are back, to follow up their internationally acclaimed 2010 debut. Violinist Ryoma is a highly reputable and talented up-and-coming Japanese violinist, who joins forces with AJ UNITY for the first time. For this release, AJ UNITY contracted Norwegian talent Håkon Holmås as producer.
AJ Unity /A Million Others / Naomi Suzuki | Japanese chill out Music 2021 |  - 鈴木ナオミ
Naomi Suzuki channel

AJ Unity /A Million Others / Naomi Suzuki | Japanese chill out Music 2021 | - 鈴木ナオミ

Hello everyone, welcome to the "Naomi Suzuki channel". Today I'm going to share A Million Others - Aj Unity / Naomi Suzuki. This is the best Japanese music 2021. Hope you guys will enjoy this chill out music. Stay connected with the "Naomi Suzuki channel" to get more aesthetic Japanese lofi music videos regularly. Do LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. Don't forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button and the BELL so that you never miss any updates. Thanks for watching :) ✔ Subscribe now: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ツ HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THIS VIDEO! 👉 If you enjoy this video, Please like and share it. 👉 Don't forget to subscribe to this channel and press the bell 🔔 for more videos. 👉 Subscribe now: ⌨ Share your opinion by the comment below and what video you want next. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📺 Watch My Other Video: ★ YES NO [off course] オフコース ★ OUR SONG 2021 Naomi Suzuki 鈴木ナオミ ★ NAOMI SUZUKI /MOTHER 癒されてくださいVol.7 ★ 小柳ゆき・鈴木ナオミ/You've Got A Friend ★ HARDER AND FASTER Naomi Suzuki -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 鈴木ナオミのユニット AJ UNITY アルバム "Sweet Roses" の中の1曲 「何億人の群衆の中で埋もれて生きている自分 群衆の中でも光り輝かせて生きたい 夢を諦めないで」 そんなメッセージを皆さんから頂いた綺麗なお花の写真と共に込めました。 サムネイル写真:Atsushi Nakamura ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆リリース情報 /releases information AJ Unity ↓ ◆リリース情報 /releases information  NAOMI SUZUKI ↓ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▼AJ UNITY spotify ▼NAOMI SUZUKI Spotify ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▼Official Web Japanese ▼Official Web English: ▼Facebook: ▼Twitter ▼Instagram: ▼Tiktok ▼プロフィール: ▼東京オリンピックプロジェクト Bridge Together Project: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Thank you for your photos> Atsushi Nakamura ・阿部博美・宮崎正富・橋本めぐみ・百崎美加・片桐節子・Sayuri Fujita・羽田野幸光・いずも・有華(Yuka)・Mayu・Hinako17・Shinichi Ohno・金井昌未・Oohara Azusa・バイバブ・たかし・TAKA・浮世雲・るい・Yoshiki Yamada・村上誠・Ritsuko Yamashita Bachmann・國行志保・わたなべさとみ <Special thanks> ボブちゃん・クロマルちゃん・棗ちゃん・一颯ちゃん・ 凪ちゃん・つぶちゃん・あんこちゃん -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #NaomiSuzukichannel #amillionothersongs #ajunity #music #japanesesinger #japanesemusic #Japanesemusician #chillout #chilloutmusic #musicvideo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching this video, click the "SUBSCRIBE" button to stay connected with this channel. 🌟 Subscription Link:
”JUPITER ” / Naomi Suzuki ( AJ Unity) / 鈴木ナオミ/  薔薇・イギリスの風景(Rose and England) / 癒やされて下さい   Vol.5
Naomi Suzuki channel

”JUPITER ” / Naomi Suzuki ( AJ Unity) / 鈴木ナオミ/ 薔薇・イギリスの風景(Rose and England) / 癒やされて下さい Vol.5

癒やされて下さいシリーズ Vol.5 Jupiter 鈴木ナオミ( AJ Unity) This song called "Jupiter” by AJ UNITY was No,14 position for US chart. この曲「Jupiter」は、全米ラジオチャート14位になった曲です。 AJ Unity のアルバム「Sweet Roses」に収録されています。 何でもない日々が大切だった そんな日常と笑顔が一日も早く戻ってくるように祈ります。 Pray for the world. 皆、今日も生きられている事に感謝して がんばろう  今回は「薔薇」がテーマです。 この薔薇を見て癒やされて下さい 穏やかな気分になれます。 ◆チャンネル登録・コメント・いいね どうぞお願いいたします!! ◆Please subscribe and Pleasewrite your comment !!◆ ◆リリース情報 /releases information  NAOMI SUZUKI ↓ ◆リリース情報 /releases information AJ Unity ↓ ▼Spotify ▼Official Web Japanese ▼Official Web English: ▼Facebook: ▼Twitter ▼Instagram: ▼プロフィール: ▼東京オリンピックプロジェクト Bridge Together Project: 綺麗な写真を提供して下さった皆さま ありがとうございました。 <写真提供> 〜到着順〜 Hiromi Owen・宮崎 正富・Atsushi Nakamura・森林 正彰・倉橋素子・Momoko Williams・Chizuko Winter・Ritsuko Yamashita Bachmann・Toshimitsu Kasai・Shigemi Kingwell・安原勝弘・橋本めぐみ・大西知子・松波 奈穂美・阿部 博美・中原学・長江 沙織・冨永 敏夫・Naomi Morkevich・Lawrence Chivers・Shinji Wakamiya・Caroline Ashworth・Nguyen Nguyen・Mihal Gado・速水 諄一・内田俊昭・鴨志田 啓子・ 本多克典・Miyuki Nishimura・Takanobu Kotani・神田静二・わたなべ さとみ・Hinako Christophers・高橋 龍美・佐藤 美幸・からさわ ゆみこ・Satsuki Arita・和氣 史子・西村武臣・Masami Hida・Momi Crouzet・Hiromichi FuruidoSaburo Kikuchi・重松 宏晃・Akemi Abe・近藤 豊三郎・Mark Green・鶴池和男・松浦継夫・菅原 松夫・Shigeki Matsushima・引地祐司・Yukiko Rostin ●Contact : ▼Profile (日本語): ◆Release info,4... ▼Official Web Japanese ▼Official Web English: ▼Facebook: ▼Twitter ▼東京オリンピックプロジェクト Bridge Together Project: ▼Instagram: ◆リリース情報,4...
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